Mille Crepe!

I love cooking and I love baking… Hahaha… as evidenced by my gebu-ness… So today, I decided to try making Mille Crepe. This is my second time attempting this recipe so I made a slight modification. My sis blogged about my first attempt here . I’m kinda proud that it turned out good the first time *pats myself on the back*.

So now, in my second attempt, instead of making plain vanilla custard Mille Crepe, I decided to combine it with the king of fruits, aka Durian.

I got the recipe from here but because I wanted to save time, I didn’t refridgerate the batter before cooking. I found the batter a bit thick so I added slightly more milk after I mixed all the incredients together – the texture has to be thick but not too thick, if not it will be difficult for the batter to spread evenly over the pan which causes the crepe to be thick. I believe that cooking is an experimental process so try it out and see what works best…

Here’s the recipe (which I amended slightly to suit my taste), it makes about 18 to 20 pieces of crepe. It’s make a 2.5++ inch thick cake.

Crepe Batter
6 tablespoons of butter
3 cups of milk (each of my cup is approx 250ml)
4 tablespoons of fine granulated sugar (ori recipe stated 7 instead of 4)
A pinch of salt
7 mid size eggs (ori recipe stated 6 eggs)
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour (each cup is approx 250gm)
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (not required in ori recipe but it smells really good with it)

1. Bring the milk to boil then add in the butter. Mix until the butter is melted, set aside to cool slightly.
2. Mix the rest of the ingredients (except vanilla) together using a mixer.
3. Once well mixed, pour in the warm milk + butter concoction. Best way to do this is to pour in milk while mixer is on low.
4. When everything is mixed well, add in the vanilla and mix again.
5. Keep the batter into the fridge until cool (the first time I made this, I put in into the fridge for about 2 hours).

If you decide to skip step 5 (which I did today), it’s actually okay. I didn’t find much difference in the texture from when I refridgerated the batter and when I didn’t. Make sure your pan in heated up before you pour in your batter. Put enough batter into the pan to cover the bottom of the pan. Tilt the pan gently all around to spread the batter evenly.

You need to decide for yourself through trial and error on how much batter you need for your pan size. Unless you make crepes all the time or are a super genius when it comes to cooking, be prepared to waste the 1 or 2 crepes before they start turning out right. When the edges of your crepe starts to brown, it should be ready for you to remove from the pan. I strongly recommend a nonstick pan :).

Put the crepe on a baking sheet to cool. Only when it has cooled down, you can stack it up. Before it’s cooled down, it will stick to each other.

“Mille” actually means a thousand but obviously you don’t have to make a thousand layers la… Continue making the crepes until you have enough to make a cake. I prefer having about 20 pieces as it will give you a good height cake.

Once all the crepe is ready, set them aside and prepare your filling. Here’s what you need for the filling.

Crepe Filling
2 rice bowl full of durian flesh (about 24 pieces / biji) – the durians I used where didn’t have much flesh la.
1 tablespoon of drinking water
2 cups of heavy cream (for whipping)
1 tablespoon of fine granulated sugar

1. Blend the durian with the water.
2. Whip the cream with the sugar until thick

Start piecing the cake together. I decided to put alternate layers of cream and durian paste.

The final piece of crepe is place on top and voila! The Durian Mille Crepe is done…

All that’s left is to refridgerate for a couple of hours cos the cake is best when served chilled.

Rocky Road Brownies

Baking project #3 which I couldn’t resist starting immediately that I spent the whole Wednesday night baking…

I made Rocky Road Brownies following a recipe I got off the ‘net. It wasn’t the exact recipe that I wanted but I couldn’t find the recipe I used a couple of years back from

This is a whole bar of chocolate, melted and drizzled on top of the walnuts and marshmallows…

Anyway, it didn’t turn out too bad but it was not very moist. I realise that I can’t follow recipe’s that don’t give measurement in grams, etc. This recipe used cups… I don’t know how to estimate cups of butter… Also, since I cut down the sugar by more than half, it didn’t have a crisp sugary flake on the top…

I found the Rocky Road Brownies recipe printout earlier this morning… hehehhee… May just try this out one day soon…

And to end this post, here’s my darling looking so cute :)

Food for the Gods

This is my second baking project, Food for the Gods or rather [a Greek fruit bar (cake)]. It’s yummy, rich with spices, dates and nuts.

During one of my counselling classes, of the my course mate brought this really wonder cake to share with all of us. She was really kind to share her recipe to all of us. I loved it so much that I decided to try baking it even though I usually don’t like dates at all (and this recipe calls for a lot and a lot of dates). It does have walnuts though and I like walnuts.

It turned out a bit more brown than I wanted it to be… I’m still trying to figure out how high a temperature should I be setting since my oven’s temp control is a bit wonky…

But the overall outcome was pretty good though there was a bit too much dates in the cake…

I tried it out again last night, with lesser dates and this time it turned out much better. And it looks less brown cos I used brown sugar rather than gula Melaka.

Also because there are lesser dates, the cake is fluffier and lighter.

Cakes cakes cakes!

In the past couple of weeks, I spent some time baking. It was pretty fun and a type of stress release for me. Work has been really hectic but let’s not get into that!

So… the first cake recipe that I tried out was blueberry muffins.

It’s didn’t turn out as “puffed-up” as I wanted it to be… I think it was the oven temp. I baked it in two batches and for the next batch that I made, I increased the oven temp by 20 deg C. And it turned out slightly better.

I didn’t think it looked good but it turns out that the way it looked didn’t affect it’s taste. It was soft, moist and just right in it’s sweetness. Here’s how it looks inside.

A week after that, I decided to make another batch. The outcome… not too bad. Yet again it didn’t puff-up like how the muffins in the bakeries do… It tasted like the previous batch though I got comments that it’s a bit too moist. I think it could be the type of blueberries that I used. Cos this second batch was more of a jammie pie filling rather just blueberries in heavy syrup…

Here’s how it looks inside:

You can see the blueberries oozing out.